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The UK's Leading Supplier of Compost Toilets


Green and Sustainable

As an organic farm we understand how important it is to cut down on the amount of chemicals used for waste treatment. By omitting the use of any chemicals, Compoost Solutions allows the waste to breakdown naturally. The nutrients can then be returned to the soil as a renewable fertiliser.

User Friendly

The methods that Compoost Solutions use to breakdown the waste creates very little odour. With the airflow created by our design and the process of the urine being filtered off into sealed units, little to no smell is created.

Aside from the smell, who wants to look at hundreds of plastic toilets in the corner of a field. Our toilets, modelled on traditional  shepherds huts with corrugated tin roofs and wooden doors, naturally blend in to their surroundings rather than being an eyesore.

Vehicle Access

Vehicle movement during event opening times is becoming more and more of an issue across all event and festival sites. The majority of our work is done before and after show days meaning that during the event, our toilets require no vehicle attention as all waste removal and cleaning can be done by hand. 






For any enquiries or questions,

please call 01749 813710, send us an email or fill out the following form:

Head Office

Gilcombe Farm



BA10 0QE

Tel: 01749 813710

Fax: 01749 813825

Employment Opportunities

To apply for summer work at events all over the country, please get in touch.

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